www.office.com/setup Blogs: Working out loud and using social collaboration tools as part of your daily workflow can take some getting used to. It’s also not always easy to persuade people to adopt new methods for working or to even try new technology. We understand taking that first step towards socializing the way you work with your team can be difficult. Luckily, with the help of our customers, we’ve compiled a list of best tips to help you and your company understand how to get the most out of social.

1. Work out loud

If you’re brand new to Yammer and want to set the example for others in your network, try working out loud. What do we mean by working out loud? Share woking drafts of your documents and ask for feedback from peers. By sharing projects as you work on them, you’ll find more opportunities for collaboration. The more feedback you receive the more polished the final product will be.

2. Invite colleagues from your team and other departments

Loop your colleagues into the conversation by inviting them to join your network. Set up a Yammer Group for your team, share notes from meetings, collect comments on documents, and provide updates on your projects. At your next team meeting, take the opportunity to do a Yammer 101 overview to help them get started. Use the group to manage team projects to get everyone involved.

3. Connect with other active members and create a community of peers

It’s said that three’s a crowd. Well, we believe you should connect with as many peers as you can find. Share ideas with one another and set a strategy to help others embrace this new way of working. By reaching out to others who are active Yammer users, you will find an untapped pool of success stories and a group of like-minded individuals who are working towards the same goal as you.

4. Recruit an Executive

An executive sponsor can help clear the path for those who are hesitant about trying new technology at work and can even champion the initiative. Find an executive who is particularly passionate about driving change in the organization or social tools in general. Provide your sponsor with regular updates on your progress, the value you’ve gained, and any challenges you are facing.

Simon Terry

Simon Terry, CEO HICAPS at National Australia Bank found that the best way to engage executives was by discussing relevant topics on Yammer and inviting them to join the conversation. Help your executives get started by coaching them to understand the following key points:

  • Get your messages out, but make it a two-way dialogue:  Yammer allows leaders to reach people at all levels of the organization and engage them in a two-way conversation. It gives executives a chance to clarify strategies, get updates on the initiatives, and become aware of customer feedback.
  • Discover the potential of your employees: Social media gives people a forum to share their knowledge and allows others to uncover unknown talents in their coworkers.
  • Stick with it: People don’t alway flock to discuss your post. Your title or reputation may be intimidating. Yammer offers a way to connect with those you may not regularly interact with, but you may have to give people time to warm up to you.

5. Highlight successes


There is power in recognizing the success of others. A great way to easily find accomplishments is to encourage your team members to hashtag valuable conversations with #yamwin. This makes it seamless to showcase successes in the future.

Jennifer Thorimbert, Enterprise Community Manager at The Walt Disney Company said that for her early adopters, quickly showing triumphs–no matter how big or small–was key to ensuring Disney’s Yammer network continued to grow and to stay relevant after the initial launch.

Whether you’re at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, it’s time to embrace social as the future of business. It can take time for newcomers to become acclimated with this new style of working, but even a simple demonstration of how collaboration tools and working out loud can show social’s potential for transforming business.

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