www.office.com/setup Blogs: Accounting and Finance Professionals have a new learning resource. The Profit and Loss Data Modeling and Analysis with Microsoft PowerPivot in Excel article, Excel workbook samples, and sample Access database provide scenario-based data modeling and analysis help for self-service BI with PowerPivot and Power View.

The scenario describes how Finance professionals at Contoso Ltd. create a PowerPivot data model, Excel PivotTables, and Power View reports to analyze budget, forecasting, and other profit and loss account metrics, such as:

  • Aggregate, or value measures such as sums and averages for currency and headcount.
  • Comparison measures such as year-over-year, year-to-date, and variance for cash flow and headcount.
  • Performance, or ratio measures such as percentage, cost per head, and rate and volume variances–all of which calculate on different combinations of value and comparison measures.

Extensive details of over 80 DAX formulas are provided, as well as tips for creating highly efficient and fast performing data models. The Excel 2013 version of the sample workbook also provides several dynamic Power View reports.

To learn more, download the whitepaper.

Original Post: https://blogs.office.com/2013/08/08/profit-and-loss-data-modeling-and-analysis-with-microsoft-excel/


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